Res 95-1 Travel Regulations

Res 95-2 Agreement for LID Bond Counsel

Res 95-3 Local Improvement District Creation-Bunch Drive Bridge

Res 95-4 Drug-Alcohol Policy for Drivers

Res 95-6 Updated Personnel Policy

Res 95-7 Jail Bond Election

Res 95-8 Issue Sale of Interim Warrants

Res 95-9 Bond Counsel Services

Res 95-10 Surplus Sale – Roads Funds

Res 95-11 Administrator of Subdivisions – P&Z

Res 95-12 Fees – Plats & Subdivisions

Res 95-13 Equip. Lease-Purchase Agreement for Ambulance

Res 95-14 Solid Waste Fees for 95-96 Fiscal Year

Res 96-1 Assessment Roll Local Improvement District 95-1

Res 96-2 Local Improvement District Hearing

Res 96-3 Returned Check Fees

Res 96-4 Disaster Declaration for Snow

Res 96-5 Snow Removal-Sanding Policy

Res 96-7 Agreement Olson & Ass. for Sheriffs Office

Res 96-8 User Fees for 911

Res 96-10 Robie Creek Road Bridge Purchase

Res 96-11 Sheriff Office Budget Increase

Res 96-12 Solid Waste Disposal Fees for 95 FY

Res 96-13 Fees for House Numerals

Res 96-14 Emergency Declaration for Wildfires

Res 96-15 Budget Appropriations

Res 96-16 SW Disposal Fees for 96 FY

Res 96-17 Transfer of Appropriations with SW

Res 97-1 Road Standard Variance Application Fees

Res 97-2 Interim Sign on County Roads Right of Way

Res 97-3 Official Road Name List

Res 97-4 Emergency Declaration for Winter Storms-Electric Power

Res 97-5 Snow Groomer Area 8B Maint. & Storage

Res 97-6 Disaster Declaration due to Mud Slides

Res 97-7 Hazardous Development Sites (Knights)

Res 97-8 Hazardous Development Sites (Powell)

Res 97-9 Hazardous Development Sites (Alpha Corp)

Res 97-10 Hazardous Development Sites (Coriell)

Res 97-11 Disaster Fund 97 Initialized to Receive Monies

Res 97-12 Hazardous Development Sites (Bottoms)

Res 97-13 Intent to Abandon Thorn Creek

Res 97-14 Imminent Threat (Due to Mud Slides)

Res 97-15 Investment Policy of BC Funds

Res 97-16 Fair Housing Resolution

Res 97-17 Schedule of Fees for P&Z

Res 97-18 Volunteer Recognition Week

Res 97-19 Designation of Hazardous Development Site (Knights)

Res 97-20 Designation of Hazardous Development Site (Powells)

Res 97-21 Designation of Hazardous Development Site (Alpha Corp)

Res 97-22 Designation of Hazardous Development Site (Coriell)

Res 97-23 Designation of Hazardous Development Site (Bottoms)

Res 97-24 Bogus Basin Joint Exerecise of Powers Agreement w-ACHD

Res 97-25 Official Road Name List

Res 97-26 911 Budget

Res 97-27 Surplus Lot

Res 97-28 Vouchers for Bills

Res 97-29 Unscheduled Revenue to Current Expense 96-97 Budget

Res 97-30 P&Z Budget FY 96-97

Res 97-31 Justice Fund FY 97-98

Res 98-1 Schedule of Fees-Subdivision Plats

Res 98-2 SW Disposal Fees

Res 98-4 Declaration & Intent to Abandon & Vacate Grimes Pass Road

Res 98-5A Trans. of Appropriations from R&B to Justice Fund

Res 98-5B Establishing Fees for Subdivision Applicants

Res 98-6 Personnel Policy

Res 98-7 Desroy Records Auditor-EBCAD

Res 98-8 Destroy Sheriff Records

Res 98-9 Destroy Treasurers Records

Res 98-11 Transfer of Monies from trust Accounts to Fund Balances

Res 98-12 Schedule of Fees subdivision Ordinance

Res 98-13 Grizzly Bear

Res 98-14 Business Day & Times for Various County Offices

Res 98-15 Unscheduled Revenue to the Justice Fund

Res 98-16 Unscheduled Revenue to the R&B Fund

Res 98-17 Unscheduled Revenue to the District Court Fund

Res 98-18 Unscheduled Revenue to the NW Fund

Res 98-19 Moving Funds from B budget to A budget

Res 98-20A Schedule of Fees for Subdivision Applicants

Res 98-20B Public Hearing Budet Appropriations

Res 98-21 Solid Waste Disposal Fees

Res 98-22 Acquiring & Financing Office Building SO

Res 98-23 Agreeing to Sell Lower Banks Property

Res 98-24 Moving Funds from B Budget to A Budget Current Expense Fund

Res 98-25 Moving Funds from B Budget to A Budget Tort Fund

Res 98-26 Moving Funds from B Gudget to A Budget P&Z

Res 99-1 JPA Crating Idaho Capital Crimes Defense Program

Res 99-2 Denied

Res 99-3 Designating Local Response Authority for Hazardous Incidents

Res 99-4 Designating Local Workforce Invesstment Area

Res 99-5 County Fair Board Advisory Committee

Res 99-6 Snow Removal & Sanding Policy

Res 99-7 Canine Policy for Sheriff Office

Res 99-8 Sheriff Policy for Holding Facility

Res 99-11 Solid Waste Disposal Fees for Misc. Items

Res 99-12 Adjusting FY 98-99 Budget

Res 99-13 Adjusting FY 98-99 Budget

Res 99-14 Tax Cancellation for M.W. Renfro & Sons

Res 99-15 Admin Policy for Use of Info Tech Systems

Res 99-16 Year 2000 Compliant Issue Policy

Res 99-17 Office Telephone Policy

Res 99-18 Declaration of Internt to Abandon & Vacate SF Thorn Creek Road

Res 99-20 Establishes Natural Resources Advisory Committee

Res 99-21 Fee Schedule for Building Permits

Res 99-22 Lobbying Policy

Res 99-23 Policy on Public Safety Communications Officials 25 (APCO 25) Communications Standard

Res 99-24 Vehicle Policy for CJ

Res 99-25 Trust Fund for Idaho Community Development Block Grant PRogeram GVSC

Res 99-26 Donation Trust Funds for Planning and Zoning

Res 99-27 Holding Facility for Sheriff’s Department

Res 99-29 Adjusting FY 98-99 Budget

Res 99-30 Adjusting FY 98-99 Budget

Res 99-31 Adjusting FY 98-99 Budget

Res 99-32 RY 98-99 Budget Transfer

Res 99-33 FY 98-99 Bugert Transfer

Res 99-34 FY 98-99 Budget AllocationRes 99-35 FY 98-99 Budget Moving of Funds

Res 99-36 FY 98-99 Budget to Budget Transfer

Res 99-37 Voluntary Fire Prot. Guidelines for Residential Development in the Urban Wildland Interface

Res 99-38 Budget for FY 99-2000

Res 99-39 Records Management Policy

Res 99-40 FY 98-99 Budget Transfer

Res 99-41 FY 98-99 Budget to Budget Transfer

Res 99-42 SW Disposal Fees for 99 tax year