Community Justice


We promote positive behavior change through education, restoration, and accountability.


Citizenship: We foster collaboration and community involvement.

Safety: We prevent and protect the community from crime and delinquency.

Stewardship: We believe in the Balanced Approach and Restorative Practices.

Growth: We encourage and foster positive transformation.

Professionalism: We maintain confidentiality and equity in all of our practices.


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Community Justice Director:

Amanda Leader
(208)392-6767 Ext. 172
Email: [email protected]

Adult Misdemeanor and Juvenile Probation Officer:

Jackie Riggs
(208)392-6767 Ext. 170
Email: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant/Community Service Coordinator: 

Jeff Fassio
(208)392-6767 Ext. 171
Email: [email protected]


Pretrial Services

Pretrial Forms:

Initial Check-in

Adult Misdemeanor Probation

Probation Forms:

Initial Check-in

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Juvenile Probation

Juvenile Court Parent Handbook

Understanding How The Juvenile Justice System Works in Idaho


Diversion is a short-term confidential program that provides the client with an opportunity to resolve a referred offense outside of court. Participation in the program is voluntary and upon successful completion, no criminal charges will be filed. If referred to the program, the client will meet with department staff to review the offense and the standard diversion terms. If participation in the program is appropriate, individual terms will be developed for which the client will complete. Examples of terms include: payment of a program fee and/or restitution; drug testing; community service; letter of apology; classes or groups; counseling; or restorative circles or conferences.

Community Service

This program allows clients to perform public service as a requirement for the diversion program or pursuant to a court order. Community service may consist of an individual placement or placement on a work crew.

If you are required to complete community service, or if you would like more information on creating a partnership with our program, please call (208)392-6767, extension 171.

Community Service Time Sheet


Mission: Develop and advocate strategies for Boise County Community Justice that create a safe, just, and healthy community.

Values: Innovative, Collaborative, Accountable, and Evidence-based.

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Prevent Accidental and Intentional Drug Overdose


Driver Awareness Courses:

Alive at 25

National Traffic Safety Institute


Substance Use Online Education Providers:

Tom Wilson Counseling Center

3rd Millennium Classrooms

Offender Solutions


General Resources:

Idaho 2-1-1 CareLine

Central District Health Department

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


Restorative Practices:

International Institute of Restorative Practices


School Districts:

Garden ValleySchool District #71

Basin School District #72

Horseshoe Bend School District #73

Office Hours and Contact Information

404 Montgomery Street
P.O. Box 486
Idaho City, ID 83631

Phone: (208) 392-6767

Fax: (208) 392-4940

Juvenile Court Process Flow Chart

Misdemeanor Court Process Flow Chart

Felony Court Process Flow Chart