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This department can help residents of Boise County with the payment of  some non-medical expenses. Assistance from Boise County must be a “last resort” and is available only when no other alternative exists and it does not supplement any other type of assistance. All counties in Idaho, including Boise County, require repayment of any taxpayer funds used to assist a county resident under Idaho law.

Before any assistance can be provided, a strict application and investigative process must be performed. Applicants must meet certain requirements, present for an interview with the Deputy Clerk and be prepared to provide personal information regarding the living situation, income, assets of all types, insurance, resources, expenses and much more. A thorough investigation will be conducted by the Deputy Clerk and presented to the Board of County Commissioners for a decision.

If an applicant files an application for assistance and withholds or gives false or incomplete information in order to gain assistance from Boise County that he/she is not entitled to, that person could be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

Only the application forms provided by state law may be utilized, no other form of application will be accepted. Non-medical assistance applications are available to download and print here.

Deputy Clerk of the Indigent Department: Valerie Dresslar 392-4431, ext. 121

Non-medical application process details

Non-medical application