Resolutions 2017

Resolution 2017-01 FY 2017 Cash Basis-Cash Carryover

Resolution 2017-02 Excess Tax Deed Transfer to State

Resolution 2017-03 EMS Fees

Resolution 2017-04 Password Policy

Resolution 2017-05 R&B Banks-Lowman Hwy Budget Amend

Resolution 2017-06 Resolution re winning bid

Resoluion 2017-07 Appointment of Prosecuting Attorney

Resolution 2017-08 Justice Find Vehicle Lease Budget Amend

Resolution 2017-09 Finding for Gardena Bridge Project

Resolution 2017-10 District Court Fund Salary Line Budget Change

Resolution 2017-11 General Fund Copier Lease Buyout-Budget Amend

Resolution 2017-12 Justice Fund Salary Line Budget Change

Resolution 2017-13 CJ RAC Grant

Resolution 2017-14 SW Fees

Resolution 2017-15 RB Budget-Pine Flat Parcel Purchase

Resolution 2017-17 Justice Fund Budget Amended-Pioneer Fire

Resolution 2017-18 PA Dept Restructure Reclass

Resolution 2017-19 General Fund IT Budget Amend 1

Resolution 2017-20 EMS EMP Grant Program

Resolution 2017-21 Equipment Transfer EBCAD to BCSO

Resolution 2017-22 P&Z By-Laws

Resolution 2017-23 Travel Policy Amendment

Resolution 2017-24 Appoint Translator District Trustees

Resolution 2017-25 April Fair Housing Month

Resolution 2017-26 RB Budget-Pine Flat Parcel Purchase 2

Resolution 2017-27 SW Surplus Equipment 

Resolution 2017-28 2015 SHSP Grant

Resolution 2017-29 GV Snowmobile Shed Collapse

Resolution 2017-31 Sheriff Capital Vehicle Lease

Resolution 2017-32 Sheriff OHV Grant

Resolution 2017-33 Sheriff Salary Reclass

Resolution 2017-34 Routing and Approval of Contracts and Grants

Resolution 2017-35 Drug Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

Resolution 2017-36 Noxious Weeds Quonset Bldg. Claim

Resolution 2017-39 District Court Budget Reclassification

Resolution 2017-40 P&Z Legal Fees

Resolution 2017-41 Capital Project CJ Roof Repair

Resolution 2017-42 Solid Waste Surplus

Resolution 2017-43 BC Budget Adoption FY2018

Resolution 2017-44 EBCAD Budget Adoption FY 2018

Resolution 2017-45 General Fund General Ops HSB

Resolution 2017-46 PA’s VWC STOP Grant

Resolution 2017-47 Sheriff OHV Grant 2nd Award

Resolution 2017-48 Bond Fund Budget Amend

Resolution 2017-49 Sheriff’s Mass Gathering

Resolution 2017-50 General Fund General OpsValuation

Resolution 2017-51 RB Budget Amend Banks-Low

Resolution 2017-52 Capital Asset Policy

Resolution 2017-53 General Fund Title III Budget Reclassification

Resolution 2017-54 EMS SHSP 2017 Grant

Resolution 2017-55 General Fund Budget Amend

Resolution 2017-56 Sheriff’s ITD Budget

Resolution 2017-57 FY 2017 Budget Amend