Resolutions 2016

Resolution 2016-01 Decleration of Emergency

Resolution 2016-02 FY 2016 Budget

Resolution 2016-03 General Fund Coroner Salary Adjustment

Resolution 2016-04 EBCAD Operating Plan

Resolution 2016-05 Cash Handling Policy

Resolution 2016-06 Revised Purchasing Policy

Resolution 2016-07 EMS EMPG 2014 Grant Addition

Resolution 2016-08 GV Snowmobile Budget Change

Resolution 2016-09 Travel Policy Amendment

Resolution 2016-10 SW Budget HSB Fire 2016

Resolution 2016-11 General Legal Reclass to PZ

Resolution 2016-12 General Legal Reclass to Justice PA JCM Rev

Resolution 2016-13 District Court Fund

Resolution 2016-14 General Fund Legal Budget Reclass

Resolution 2016-15 SW Dept. Transfer of Surplus

Resolution 2016-16 PA Dept. Reclass Salaries for HR

Resolution 2016-17 Budget Adj. for Community Justice

Resolution 2016-18 Cash Handling Policy Amended

Resolution 2016-19 April Fair Housing Month

Resolution 2016-20  Adjusting The Boise County Road & Bridge Fund

Resolution 2016-21 PA VWC Stop Grant Budget

Resolution 2016-22 Support the 2016 Transportation Plan

Resolution 2016-23 NW Equipment Surplus Sell

Resolution 2016-24 SW Description of Fees

Resolution 2016-25 Justice Fund Operations Budget PD

Resolution 2016-26 Court-CJ Juvenile Detention Budget

Resolution 2016-27 2016 Budget Amend #1

Resolution 2016-28 Reclass Change in HR

Resolution 2016-30 Road Equipment-Sale to SW

Resolution 2016-31 R&B Backhoe Lease Agreement

Resolution 2016-32 General Fund IT Reclass

Resolution 2016-33 CJ Diversion Program Fees


Resolution 2016-35 EMERGENCY DISASTER DECLARATION Pioneer Wildfire

Resolution 2016-36 R&B RAC Projects

Resolution 2016-37 ASPRXIII Train & Excercise Grant Unanticipated

Resolution 2016-38 BHS Grant Unanticipated

Resolution 2016-39 Emergency Expenditure Authorization-DTB

Resolution 2016-40 BC Budget Adoption FY2017

Resolution 2016-41 EBCAD Budget Adoption FY2017

Resolution 2016-42 USDA Funds for Sheriffs’ Office

Resolution 2016-43 PA Reclass A-D to B

Resolution 2016-44 R&B Fund Equipmt Lease

Resolution 2016-45 P&Z Fee Increase

Resolution 2016-46 Justice Fund Budget Amend

Resolution 2016-47 Commitment of General Fund Monies

Resolution 2016-48 General Fund Elections Budget Amend

Resolution 2016-49 R&B Pioneer Fire Reimb.

Resolution 2016-50 Sheriff’s Capital Vehicle Lease

Resolution 2016-51 Sheriff’s Reserves-Mass Gathering

Resolution 2016-52 Sheriff’s Reserves Budget Amend-Pioneer Fire

Resolution 2016-53 Sheriff’s Reserves Budget Amend-Walker Fire

Resolution 2016-54 2016 Budget Amend #2