Res 2008-1 Comm Justice Unanticipated Revenue ICAN Salary

Res 2008-2 Revised Purchasing Policy

Res 2008-3 Surplusing Crouch amb bldg & land

Res 2008-4 Adaopt-a-Highway Program & Attachment

Res 2008-5 Data Processing Unanticipated Expense CCO

Res 2008-6 SW Disposal Fees & Exhibit A

Res 2008-7 Treasurer to cancel taxes

Res 2008-8 Comm Justice Unanticipated Rev for Capital Computers

Res 2008-9 Unanticipated BLM Fire Revenue to Sheriff

Res 2008-10 Unanticipated STOP Grant Rev to Pros

Res 2008-11 HSB Fire and City Annex

Res 2008-12 Emergency Management unanticipated Exp from FY07

Res 2008-13 LHTAC App – Harris Creek Paving

Res 2008-15 EMS County Disaster

Res 2008-16 Feasibility Study Economic Dev

Res 2008-17 April Fair Housing Month

Res 2008-18 Solid Waste Fees for Construction and Demolition

Res 2008-19 IC8-A Snowmobile Cash Carryover Expense Increase Budget

Res 2008-20 EMS 911 fees increase

Res 2008-21 Unanticipated Parks & Rec Rev and Groomer Ex for IC8A

Res 2008-22 Unanticipated Parks & Rec Rev & Groomer Ex for GV8B

Res 2008-23 Unanticipated Em Management Revenue & Expense

Res 2008-24 RECISSION of 2006-11

Res 2008-25 P & Z Fee Changes

Res 2008-26 Budget Adoption FY08-09

Res 2008-27 Sheriff Vessel Unanticipated Expense-Boat Motor

Res 2008-28 Emergency Management transfer of vehicle

Res 2008-29 Unanticipated EMS Interop Grant-Radios EBCAD

Res 2008-30 Sheriff DEA Unanticipated Funding

Res 2008-31 Nox Weeds Eurasion Water Milfoil Unanticipated Funding

Res 2008-32 Nox Weeds UPCWMA Dept Ag Funding

Res 2008-33 Nox Weeds Terrestrial Nox Weeds Expense Line Item

Res 2008-34 Solid WAste Landfill Closure Cost Unexp Expense

Res 2008-35 Comm Justice Unanticipated Revenue ICAN Salary benchmark

Res 2008-36 Justice General Ops – unexpected snow removal & fuel expense

Res 2008-37 Data Processing Unanticipated Expense – IT CCO

Res 2008-38 Comm Justice Unanticipated Revenue CIP

Res 2008-39 Sheriff Vessel additional & Unanticipated Salary Expense

Res 2008-40 Justice Fund – Southfork Landing Contract Pay & Vehicle

Res 2008-41 RESCINDED Justice Fund – Southfork Landing Unanticipated Payroll Benefit Expense

Res 2008-42 Sheriff Vessel & Unanticipated Supply Expense