Res 2021-01 R&B Payroll Budget Reclass

EBCAD Res 2021-01 Budget Amend Salary Line Change

Res 2021-02 Sheriff’s OHV Distribution Budget Amend Increase

EBCAD Res 2021-02 Equipment Surplus

Res 2021-03 Boise County Records Destruction

EBCAD Res 2021-03 Budget Adoption FY2022

Res 2021-04 General Fund Auditor Dept. Budget Amend

EBCAD Res 2021-04 Resolution-Recover Forgone Amount

Res 2021-05 Sheirff’s Investigator Salary Reclass

Res 2021-05 EBCAD Fund Budget Amend

Res 2021-06 Excess Tax Deed Transfer to State

Res 2021-06 EBCAD FY 2022 Cash Basis-Cash Carryover

Res 2021-07 Boise County Surplus

Res 2021-07 EBCAD FY 2021 Final Budget Amend

Res 2021-08 IC Snowmobile IDPR Grant

Res 2021-09 Elections HAVA Grant Budget Increase

Res 2021-10 Vehicle Transfer Surplus to R&B

Res 2021-11 Sheriff’s SMART Grant Budget Increase

Res 2021-12 Cont. BC Emergency Declaration Earthquake

Res 2021-13 Unfunded Mandate Legislation

Res 2021-14 Commitment of Funds-Paving Projects

Res 2021-15 PA Budget Reclass

Res 2021-16 P&Z Budget Reclass

Res. 2021-17 Title III Search & Rescue Budget Increase

Res 2021-18 P&Z Amended By-Laws

Res 2021-19 BC 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Res 2021-20 IT Salary Budget Increase

Res 2021-21 IC Snowmobile IDPR Grant Budget Increase

Res 2021-22 EM 2019 SHSP Grant Budget Increase

Res 2021-23 P&Z Salary Budget Increase

Res 2021-24 April Fair Housing Month

Res 2021-25 Capital Asset Policy

Res. 2021-26 Social Media Policy

Res 2021-27 Road Salary Budget Increase

Res 2021-28 Adoption of the Specific Plan for the Avimor Planned Community

Res 2021-29 Road & Bridge Budget Increase

Res 2021-30 R&B Budget Amendment

Res 2021-31 Idaho CARES Act Broadband Grant

Res 2021-32 Idaho CARES Act Broadband Grant

Res. 2021-33 IT Dept. Grant Budget Amend

Res 2021-34 General Fund Budget Amend

Res 2021-35 GV Snowmobile IDPR Grant

Res 2021-36 P-Z Legal Budget Amend

Res 2021-37 Boise County Records Destruction

Res 2021-38 General Fund P-Z Dept. Budget Amend

Res 2021-39 BC Budget Adoption FY 2022

Res 2021-40 Resolution-Recover Forgone Amount

Res 2021-41 R&B Budget Amendment

Res 2021-42 Boise County Records Destruction

Res 2021-43 Road Budget Amend Capital Lease

Res 2021-44 R&B Payroll Budget Reclass

Res 2021-45 General Fund P-Z Dept Budget Amend

Res 2021-46 Extraordinary SW Fees

Res 2021-47 Solid Waste Fees

Res 2021-48 Cash Basis-Cash Carryover for FY2022

Res 2021-49 FY 2021 Final Budget Amend