Resolutions 2015

Res 2015-01 Carry over fund balance to operate on cash basis

Res 2015-02 General Fund JY 2015 General Operations adjustment

Res 2015-03 Community Justice/Dist. Court FY 2014 budget adjustment

Res 2015-04 Purchasing Policy revised

Res 2015-05 General Fund FY 2015 budget adjustment

Res 2015-06 Community Justice/Dist. Court FY 2015 budget adjustment

Res 2015-07 Prosecuting Attorney/Justice Fund FY 2015 budget adjustment

Res 2015-08 Operations Department/Justice Fund FY 2015 budget adjustment

Res 2015-09 Road Department FY 2015 mandatory budget adjustment

Res 2015-10 Community Justice FY 2015 budget adjustment

Res 2015-11 Community Justice/Dist. Court Fund FY 2014 budget adjustment

Res 2015-12 Senior Centers Funding

Res 2015-13 Road Name List

Res 2015-14 Film Permit Policy

Res 2015-15 Internal Controls Policy

Res 2015-16 Payette River Scenic Byway Mgmt. Plan

Res 2015-17 Road Dept STP Rural App

Res 2015-18 Transfer Court  Facilities Fund excludes restricted

Res 2015-19 Road Dept. transfer of surplus equipment

Res 2015-20 Treasurer’s Surplus Copier

Res 2015-21 Ice Chest  Refridgerator Box donation to IC Historical Society Museum

Res 2015-22 Internal Controls Policy

Res 2015-23 April Fair Housing Month

Res 2015-24 Emergency Mgmt Mutual Aid

Res 2015-25 Justice Fund Budget Karney

Res 2015-26 Travel Policy

Res 2015-27 Justice PA Salary Line Budget Change amend 2

Resolution #2015-28 Justice Fund Sherrif’s Department

Res 2015-29 General Operations increase for YMC Proposal

Res 2015-30 EMS BHS 2013 SHSP Grant

Res 2015-31 PA Dept. Justice Fund

Resolution 2015-32 EMS ASPR Grant

Res 2015-33 Adjustment of Justice Fund

Res 2015-34 Adjust. Justice Fund Gen Operations Budget

Res 2015-35 Idaho Gem Grant

Res 2015-36 FY2016 Budget

Resolution 2015-36 Attachment

Res 2015-37 FY2016 EBCAD Budget

Resolution 2015-37 Attachment

Res 2015-38 General Fund IT Budget

Res 2015-39 EMS BHS 2013 HSP Grant

Res 2015-40 R&B Budget Chip-Seal 2015

Resolution 2015-41 NW Budget Chip-Seal 2015

Resolution 2015-42 SW Budget HSB Fire 1

Resolution 2015-43 SW Budget HSB Fire 2

Resolution 2015-44 Budget General Legal CCDF

Resolution 2015-45 Court CJ Capital Budget

Resolution 2015-46 R&B Crouch Bridge Wetland Budget

Resolution 2015-47 Justice Fund Unanticipated Rev

Resolution 2015-48 General Fund Commissioner Budget

Resolution 2015-49 General Fund Gen Ops Dues Budget

Resolution 2015-50 PZ Budget Revenue

Resolution 2015-51 Justice Fund Budget Revenue

Resolution 2015-52 Court CJ Rev Budget

Resolution 2015-53 Amendments to Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

Resolution 2015-54 FY 2016 Budget Cash Carryover