Civil Process

Civil Process Section

Civil process may be defined as the means of compelling an individual to appear in court, or a means whereby the court acquires jurisdiction. The sheriff executes, and returns to the courts, the civil process that is directed tot the sheriff for service.

Sheriff’s Instructions
Signed instructions directing the Sheriff to serve process or perform an enforcement action are required. The instructions must be signed by your attorney or by you, if you don’t have any attorney.


The sheriff is required by law to charge fees for most civil process actions. You must pay a fee in advance, pursuant to Idaho Code 31-3211. In addition to the sheriff’s fee, other costs may include charges for moving and storage, towing, recording, publishing in a newspaper, posting, and other miscellaneous fees. Pursuant to Idaho Code 31-3203 the Boise County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution setting the fee for Civil Process at sixty dollars ($60.00) per service request, per person to be served. All other fees that are allowed by Idaho Code 31-3203 remain unchanged.