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Boise County Emergency Management is tasked with planning for and response to large-scale disaster conditions such as landslides, forest fires, flooding, earthquake, pandemic illnesses and other such events.  A Local Emergency Planning Committee advises the Department. We are the focal point between the Idaho Office of Emergency Management and Boise County.  Emergency Management interacts with and supports all first responders in the county including Law Enforcement, our 10 Fire Departments and 5 EMS units. Boise County First Responder List  

Emergency Planning and Training   The Department assists in development and coordinating tabletop and full scale exercises in all areas of the County during which our response agencies have the opportunity to work together in a controlled environment.

In addition we maintain 2 response trailers in the County stocked with HAZMAT and Medical response equipment as well as some basic survival equipment.   We work with the Fire Departments, EMS units, Senior Centers and other organizations to provide facilities for emergency response shelters or meal providers during emergency responses. The Boise National Forest created a video of the 2014 Exercise.

All Hazards Mitigation Plan    The Boise County All Hazards Mitigation Plan was developed during 2004-05 by the Boise County Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee, in cooperation with Northwest Management, Inc., of Moscow, Idaho. Two bound documents have been produced as part of that planning effort. This 15 year old plan will be updated in 2016 under a contract with the University of Idaho. Citizen participation is key to a successful update of this plan; please contact John Roberts, Emergency Manager, at 208-392-4411 or to participate.

County Wildfire Protection Plan    Boise County's 10 fire departments collaborated with Boise County government and citizens in 2003 to plan for improvements in our ability to prevent and survive wildland fires in our residential areas. That Boise County Wildfire Protection Plan was again updated in 2012 after consultation with the Fire Chiefs of those departments.

Wildland Urban Interface    Emergency Management interacts with Planning & Zoning and the Fire Departments regarding subdivisions, conditional use permits and building in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).Boise County's WUI Ordinance governs new development.

The County Emergency Manager works for the Boise County Commissioners and advises them on Disaster conditions, the need for declaring a County Disaster and other projects as assigned by them:

Legal Areas Mapping Project   Boise County has contracted with Geographic Mapping Consultants in Moscow to create 3 new geo-databases for Boise County’s Geographic Information System. These geo-databases will accurately locate known property corners and private land descriptions using the County’s GIS platform, ESRI’s ArcMap 10. Point of contact is John Roberts, Emergency Manager, at 208-392-4411 or


Power Security Project    Boise County has upgraded and improved the emergency power systems for several critical public buildings. Boise County received a $70,000 grant from Idaho's Department of Health & Welfare to improve our ability to continue critical government services and provide shelter facilities during times of prolonged utility outages. Several generators were installed and updated at County and Fire Department facilities.





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