Resolutions 2012

Resolution 2012-01  Mass Gathering fees

Resolution 2012-02  P & Z Schedule of Fees

Resolution 2012-03  Emergency Mgmt. Fund Adjustments FY12

Resolution 2012-03A Amended Emergency Mgmt. Fund Adjustments FY12

Resolution 2012-04  Justice Fund Adjustments FY12

Resolution 2012-05  Commissioner’s Budget Adjustments FY12

Resolution 2012-06  Board of Commissioners – Bankruptcy Decision

Resolution 2012-06A Board of Commissioners – amended bankruptcy decision

Resolution 2012-07  Board of Commissioners – Alamar Ranch Settlement

Resolution 2012-08  Boise County Carry Over Funds to Operate on Cash Basis

Resolution 2012-09  Commissioners appoint snowmobilel advisory board

Resolution 2012-10  Erroneous Levies correction (Arrowrock Hydro Plant)

Resolution 2012-11  Boise County transfer of Pumper Truck to Lowman Fire Dist.

Resolution 2012-12  Board of Commissioners legal counsel for Alamar Ranch

Resolution 2012-13  Urging Congress to Reauthorize SRSCA and establish Forest comm. Trust Pilot Program

Resolution 2012-14  April Fair Housing Month

Resolution 2012-15  still working on

Resolution 2012-16  Road Dept. surplus gravel

Resolution 2012-17  Lawsuit against ID Tax Commission

Resolution 2012-18  Board of Commissioners special levy election

Resolution 2012-19  Treasurer Budget adjustment – courier

Resolution 2012-20  Community Justice adjustment

Resolution 2012-21  P & Z Moratorium on Family Splits

Resolution 2012-22

Resolution 2012-23  Commissioners amended registered warrant R10A

Resolution 2012-24  State of Emergency Declaration – Recinded 7-16-12

Resolution 2012-25  Road Dept. office trailer surplus

Resolution 2012-26  Alamar debt early payment

Resolution 2012-27  Solid Waste Surplus Equip.

Resolution 2012-28  SRS Designation of funds Title I, II & III

Resolution 2012-29  Road Dept. snow blower surplus

Resolution 2012-30  EMS Disaster Emergency (wildfires)

Resolution 2012-31  County Budget FY 2013

Resolution 2012-32  EBCAD Budget FY 2013

Resolution 2012-33  EBCAD adjustment FY 2012 budget

Resoluton 2012-34  Bond Resolution

Resolution 2012-35  Fire Disaster Emergency

Resolution 2012-36  E911 adjustment FY 2012

Resolution 2012-37  Sheriff’s Reserves adjustment FY 2012

Resolution 2012-38  Jr. College unanticipated expenses FY 2012

Resolution 2012-39  Boise County Amendment FY 2012 Budget