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The Boise County Prosecuting Attorney elected position is now vacant. The Board of Boise County Commissioners is seeking an attorney to fill the vacancy for the term expiring January 11, 2021. Remaining in the position beyond January 11, 2021 will require becoming a Boise County resident and winning the general election in 2020.

Applicants must be licensed to practice law in the State of Idaho. Applicants must submit (1) a letter of interest, detailing relevant criminal and/or civil experience; (2) a resume; (3) a minimum of three professional references; and (4) salary requirements to Clerk Prisco via email to by 5pm on July 26, 2018. ‚Äč



P&Z Commissioner Information

The Board of Boise County Commisssioners is seeking two qualified persons interested in becoming a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission. To qualify to become a member, an individual must have resided within Boise County for at least two (2) years prior to appointment to the Commission by the Board and continue to reside within Boise County for the term of the appointment of (4) years. This is an unpaid-volunteer position; however, mileage reimbursement is provided.

If you are interested and qualified please mail, email, or send a letter of interest and resume by July 27th, 2018 to P&Z Administrator Bret Caulder, PO Box 1300, Idaho City, ID 83631 or email



Boise County Solid Waste is now accepting applications for a Collection Site Attendant at the Garden Valley Transfer Site. 

View Job Description >>


Boise County Solid Waste is now accepting applications for a Collection Site Attendant at the Garden Valley Transfer Site.  Job is part time, 2 days a week from May 15 thru September 15 and relief work as needed.  Employment Applications are available at the Clerk’s Office at 420 Main Street, Idaho City, the Horseshoe Bend Courthouse Annex at 383 Highway 55 and at the above link.  Site attendant performs functions in the operation of Boise County Solid Waste including manual labor, maintaining a sanitary collection site, security of site, buildings and gates, maintain waste logs and receipt books.  Equipment operating experience is beneficial, but is not required. Applicants must be 18 years of age, possess a valid Idaho driver’s license and pass a pre employment drug screening. Applications can be submitted by mail to the Solid Waste Department, PO Box 309, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, 83629.  Boise County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and gives Veteran’s Preference in its hiring practices.  



Job Description

  Boise County Road & Bridge Department has an opening for a full-time Equipment Operator in the Garden Valley area. Class A CDL required. Applications and Job Description can be printed from the Boise County website or picked up at the Road & Bridge Department Office, 39 Brownlee Road, Gardena, ID 83629, or the Clerk’s Office, 420 Main Street, Idaho City ID, 83631 or call 793-2380. Boise County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and gives Veteran’s preference in its hiring practices.


Boise County property Appraiser Position opening, located in Idaho City, which is approximately a 45 minute drive from East Boise area.  This is a full time position (40 hours/week) will perform a wide range of duties.  Primary duties include performing on site property inspections and data entry.  Minimum computer skills, attention to detail, ability to work in extreme weather conditions (includes walking and or hiking steep terrain), ability to handle difficult situations, ability to communicate clearly (written and oral), Valid Idaho Driver’s License, and High School Diploma or equivalent a must.  Position will be paid $12.50 to $13.50 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications.  To apply, submit to the following: (1) a filled-out Boise County application form; (2) a cover letter; and (3) a resume.  The start date is anticipated to be early May, but is somewhat negotiable. **********************************************************************************************************************************************

Solid Waste Job Description

Noxious Weeds Job Description


Boise County is looking for qualified candidates to fill this dual department supervisor position. The position reports directly to the Boise County Board of Commissioners. A general summary of the position follows: Solid Waste Department: Plans, manages, coordinates, and supervises the implementation of the Boise County Solid Waste Program, as required under Idaho Statutes and Federal/State regulations. Superintendent is responsible for supervision of employees assigned to the Boise County Solid Waste Department and is required to evaluate personnel, assess equipment needs, and monitor the budget as appropriated by the Board of County Commissioners.

Noxious Weeds Department: Administers the Boise County Noxious Weeds Control program, in accordance with Idaho Noxious Weeds statutes and other related State and Federal regulations. Supervises all employees assigned to the Noxious Weeds Department, including evaluation of department personnel. Responsible for the assessment of equipment needs and monitoring of the department budget as appropriated by the Boise County Board of Commissioners.

Applications can be printed from the Boise County website or picked up
from the Clerk’s Office at 420 Main Street, Idaho City, ID 83631. You may also submit
completed applications by email to Please also submit a resume with
your application. Boise County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and gives Veteran’s Preference
in its hiring practices. 


  Boise County Sheriff's Office Deputy / School Resource Officer 

Salary: $40,000 / year 

Go to Sheriff section of this web page to download Law Enforcement Application  

  BASIC FUNCTION: Performs a wide range of professional law enforcement duties inside the assigned School setting.  Will work with community justice and the school administrator for day to day issues. (see major duties)


1.         Patrols assigned roadways to conduct routine patrols for violations of traffic laws and ordinances; performs routine patrols for crime prevention; determines violations and makes arrests.

2.         Responds to a variety of citizen complaints such as break-ins, robberies, domestic quarrels, assaults and cases of vandalism; prepares initial investigation reports on the scene of the crime; gathers evidence and interviews victims and witnesses.

3.         Reports to accident scenes to render traffic control in the area; investigates cause of accident and prepares report on details after determining responsibility for same.

4.         Assists with the conduction of criminal investigations; serves as an agent of the court in satisfying criminal warrants, subpoenas, writs of execution, restitution or attachment; locates persons named in criminal warrants and executes the same; takes disputed property into possession for the court; serves jury summons, complaints and notices of hearings; provides for the security of the court system

5.         Conducts searches for lost or missing persons.

6.         Books prisoners into jail, fills out appropriate forms; stores trustee’s belongings and valuables; transports prisoners to and from court.

7.         Coordinates and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies including Idaho State Police, adjoining County Sheriffs, and city law enforcement officers.

8.         Provides training and supervision to Non-Certified Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff as delegated by supervisor.

9.         Serves as the Incident Commander or Operations Commander under the Incident Command System as necessary at major incidents unless/until relieved by higher command.

10.       Appear in court to give testimony and to serve as complainant in criminal actions.

11.       Completes other duties as assigned



1.         Provide staff in-service and/or classroom instruction relative to issues of law and safety, including, but not limited to, a basic understanding of the criminal laws, and the role of law enforcement, when requested to do so by the building principal or designee;


2.         Coordinate all SRO activities with the building principal or designee and involved staff members;


3.                Patrol school campus grounds and buildings as necessary to monitor student conduct and ensure       a safe environment;


4.                     Monitor at-risk students, as requested by the building principal or designee;


5.         Conference with students, parents and faculty members to assist with problems of law enforcement and/or crime prevention; 


6.               Coordinate referrals to community agencies and resources when necessary and appropriate to assist students and staff.  The SRO must be familiar with all community agencies and resources which offer assistance to youth and families, including, but not limited to mental health clinics, drug treatment centers, etc;


7.         Provide assistance to the building principal and staff in developing plans and strategies to prevent and/or minimize dangerous situations which may occur on school grounds or at school events; 


8.         Adhere to school district policy, police manual regulations and Idaho state law; 


9.         Take all necessary law enforcement activity, as required, against intruders, loiters, students, or any individual(s) disrupting the educational process, or whose presence is detrimental to the morals, health, safety, academic learning or discipline of students at school or any school-related function, to the extent allowed by law.  As soon as practicable, the SRO shall inform the building principal or designee of such action(s).  Additionally, whenever practicable, the SRO shall advise the building principal or designee before requesting additional police assistance on any school campus or at any school-sponsored event;


10.       Provide assistance to other law enforcement officers in matters regarding any school or school-sponsored event to which the SRO is assigned;


11.       Maintain records of the operations of the times, dates and services provided for the SRO program and submit reports as requested by the building principal or designee;


12.       The SRO shall not act as a school disciplinarian.  However, if the building principal or designee believes a particular incident violates the law, the principal or designee shall contact the SRO and the SRO shall determine whether law enforcement action is appropriate; and 


13.       Provide such other duties and responsibilities relative to school safety, drug and alcohol prevention, crime prevention, and emergency preparedness, as assigned by the building principal or designee.


14.       Coordinate with the school and BCSO to have officers interact with the youth at least once a year.


15.       Work with Community justice and help gather maintain and administer any and all requirements for the restorative justice grant.


16.       Help facilitate restorative justice conferences when appropriate.  The officer will further restorative justice by using affect statements and questions, will also do family conferencing, community conferencing or will refer them to community justice. He will use restorative principals when applicable, and when status offenses occur.  The officer is responsible for communicating and keeping communication open between agencies working within the school.






Position reports to:   Boise County Sheriff.  In order for this position to be successful, this position must work with all parties involved at the school and community justice.  Although this position works for the Sheriff a performance evaluation can be done by any involved party for consideration by the Sheriff. 

Subordinate Staff:    Non-certified Deputy Sheriff



Knowledge: Possess specific knowledge of juvenile law and procedures. Good working knowledge of all criminal, civil and traffic laws including investigation procedures.  Good working knowledge of modern law enforcement principles, procedures, techniques and equipment. Knowledge of the indicators of drug and alcohol use and of drug and alcohol testing

Skill:  Ability to use recording and photographic equipment; Ability to properly process and preserve evidence Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.  Ability to react effectively in emergency and stress situations; follow standard safety practices and procedures common to law enforcement work.  Must be in good physical condition and able to work long hours.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees, other agencies, students, parents, teachers, administrators, trustees, and the public. Ability to write clear and concise reports. Ability to use independent judgment to solve problems and draw appropriate conclusions from facts presented. 

Experience: Full time certified law enforcement officer or the ability to become one; or an equivalent combination of experience, education, and training in law enforcement that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Certification/Training: Must possess a valid Idaho Driver’s License; High School Diploma or Equivalency: ability to obtain Basic POST Certificate; Complete Department F.T.O. Program.

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