2019 Resolutions

Resolution 2019-01 FY 2019 Cash Basis-Cash Carryover

EBCAD Resolution 2019-01 Drug - Alcohol  Testing Policy

Resolution 2019-02 P&Z Commission By-Laws

EBCAD Resolution 2019-02 Budget Amend Salary Line Change

Resolution 2019-03 Excess Tax Deed Transfer to State

EBCAD Resolution 2019-03 Salary Reclass

Resolution 2019-04 Sheriff's K9 Payout

EBCAD Resolution 2019-04 Budget Adoption FY 2020

Resolution 2019-05 Boise County Records Destruction

EBCAD Resolution 2019-05 FY 2019 Final Budget Amend

Resolution 2019-06 Vehicle Transfer From NW to SW

Resolution 2019-07 R&B Budget Amend MP 6.75 Project

Resolution 2019-08 Childrens Safety Grant

Resolution 2019-09 Emergency Management Vehicle Budget

Resolution 2019-10  Boise County Surplus

Resolution 2019-11 Justice Fund PA Budget Amend

Resolution 2019-12 Boise County Records Destruction

Resolution 2019-13 Password Policy

Resolution 2019-14 Capital Asset Policy

Resolution 2019-15 Commissioner Bylaws

Resolution 2019-16  Solid Waste Salary Reclass

Resolution 2019-17 Routing & Approval of All Contracts & Grants

Resolution 2019-18 Amended SW Description of  fees

Resolution 2019-19 GV Snowmobile Budget Change

Resolution 2019-20 Emergency Disaster Declaration

Resolution 2019-21  April Fair Housing Month

Resolution 2019-22 Boise County Records Destruction

Resolution 2019-23 Emergency Disaster Decleration

Resolution 2019-24 CJ IT Project Sub Grant

Resolution 2019-25 Emergency Management 2017 SHSP Grant

Resolution 2019-26 Boise County Surplus

Resolution 2019-27 SW Retaining Wall Budget Reclass

Resolution 2019-28 SW Solar Panel Budget Reclass

Resolution 2019-29 Emergency Management 2018 SHSP Grant

Resolution 2019-30 Sheriff's Vehicle Capital Lease

Resolution 2019-31 EM 2018 SHSP GV & HSB Grant

Resolution 2019-32 R&B Gardena Shop Roof Repair

Resolution 2019-33 Assessors Dept Salary Change

Resolution 2019-34 Boise County Records Destruction

Resolution 2019-35 Boise County Surplus

Resolution 2019-36 EM 2018 SHSP Grant for Electrical & Inverter

Resolution 2019-37 Boise County Surplus

Resolution  2019-38 Road & Briidge Snow Plow Policy Amended

Resolution 2019-39 Capital Project Budget Reclass

Resolution 2019-40 Coroner Autopsy Budget Increase

Resolution 2019-41 General Fund Professional Services Budget Increase

Resolution 2019-42 Sheriff's Boarding Prisoners Budget Increase

Resolution 2019-43 Health Preventative Budget Increase

Resolution 2019-44 Assessors Dept Salary Change

Resolution 2019-45 BC Budget Adoption FY 2020

Resolution 2019-46 Indigent Fund Balance Budget Increase

Resolution 2019-47 Sheriff's Mass Gathering

Resolution 2019-48 CJ Drug Testing Budget Increase

Resolution 2019-49 Amended Non-Medical Indigency Policy

Resolution 2019-50 Solid Waste Fees

Resolution 2019-51 Vehicle Use & Manintenance Policy

Resolution 2019-52 FY 2019 Final Budget Amend

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