Pioneer Fire Flood Response

Pioneer Fire Flood Response 
This webpage is dedicated to information related to possible flood events stemming from the soil instability and lack of ground cover caused by and following the Pioneer Fire of 2016. The Pioneer Fire burned major portions of Rock Creek, Clear Creek and the Deadwood River drainages in 2016, causing heightened concern during precipitation and/or runoff events for flash flooding and debris flows.

The Pioneer Fire was declared contained on Thursday, November 3rd at 2:30 p.m. While it is not completely out, as one can see from the occasional trees that are still actively burning, this declaration means that the fire is no longer a danger to the communities and is not a concern for more fire spread.

One implication of this declaration is that homeowners who are near the mouths of Rock Creek or Clear Creek, or are near the South Fork of the Payette River, and who wish to purchase flood insurance, can still do so at pre-fire insurance rates for another 60 days from that declaration.

Boise County Emergency Management is working with the National Weather Service and the Army Corps of Engineers to assess the hazard and to keep residents an other affected persons informed.  Information specific to wildfires can be viewed at FloodAfterFire.pdf.
Homeowners typically do not have flood coverage in their homeowners insurance policy. Special flood insurance can be purchased and is generally very reasonable if you are not located in a floodplain. For persons threatened by flood after a wildfire, insurance rates must remain normal for at least 60 days following containment of the wildfire. After that, flood coverage may become more expensive. To learn more about how to prepare for floods, visit
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