Boise County's Emergency Response Agencies

  Boise County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Jim Kaczmarek leads a staff of 12 deputies and operates the Civil Division and the 911 Dispatch Center. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining the 911 dispatching system, consisting of 6 repeaters on peaks throughout the County which allow deputies to operate in a rough and mountainous region.


  Garden Valley Fire & EMS

  Chief Jon Delvalle





  East Boise County Ambulance



Idaho City Rural Fire Department                                   Robie Creek Rural Fire Department

Thorn Creek Rural Fire Department                                Horseshoe Bend Ambulance

Centerville Rural Fire Department                                   Placerville Fire District

Clear Creek Rural Fire Department                                 Lowman Rural Fire Department

Wilderness Ranch Fire District                                        Horseshoe Bend Rural Fire Department                             

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Images from Boise County, Idaho