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Pioneer Fire:

As of midnight on Thursday, September 29, 2016, all evacuation orders are rescinded, 

The Boise County Sheriff has created some information for residents to help prepare for the fire season.  Boise County Evacuation Policy     Evacuation Tips for residents

Both Highway 21 and the Banks-Lowman Road are open to public traffic.   The incident management team wishes to remind the public to use caution when driving through the fire area.  Areas of reduced visibility, some isolated burning, and increased falling rocks and debris are common along these highways.



Acres: 188,404   Containment: 71 percent      Personnel: 242
Cost: $95.7M Resources assigned: 2 crews, 2 helicopters, 7 engines,
1 water tender

Lowman, Idaho - Last update, September 29th – While the Fire is now 71 percent contained, firefighters are still actively engaged in keeping the fire in check.  Crooked River, Scott Creek, and areas west of Bear Creek are actively burning single and group trees. This increase in activity is due to several warm and dry days that have dried vegetation. Firefighters are holding containment lines and using helicopters to cool inaccessible areas that are beginning to torch. 

The weather will begin to change this afternoon and into the weekend, bringing cooler, moist conditions.  This will keep fire behavior to a minimum until snow blankets the fire area. By Monday, snow is expected in elevations above 7,000 feet. 
A transfer of command from Great Basin Team 5 to the Boise National Forest will occur Friday morning at 6 a.m. The Forest will maintain fire suppression efforts taking place above the 579 Road. Less than a mile of dozer repair work remains on the 579 Road. One excavator will complete this work by Saturday.
There are many hazards that exist after a wildfire passes. If recreating in the fire area, be extremely cautious. Rootless trees still standing can easily blow down; rocks can roll out bringing additional woody debris onto roads, and after rain events, mud slides can occur. While many of these hazards have been removed on major roads, many areas are not safe for public use. If in areas where trees have burnt, do not assume they are stable as slight winds can easily blow them down. When hiking in steep canyons, be mindful of footing and loose debris that may roll out above and below you.
Please contact the Lowman or Idaho City District Offices for questions.
Idaho City Ranger District: 208.392.6681                Lowman Ranger District: 208.259.3361
This will be the final update on the Pioneer Fire unless significant activity occurs.  Please check the Forest web page for updates on area closures and other fire information. will no longer be monitored. Please direct questions to the District Offices, listed above.   

A Fire Area Closure remains in effect. A map and detailed information is located at:

SMOKE INFORMATION — Idaho smoke information can be found at




September 30, 2016 – The Boise National Forest has reduced the Pioneer Fire Closure Area and instead, specific roads, trails and areas will remain closed for public safety and protection from hazards associated with wildfire.

Please refer to the attached closure order and map for details about specific locations roads or trails. The area closure order and map can be viewed online at

The new closures are effective immediately and visitors to the forest are reminded when entering burned areas be aware of snags and other safety hazards. Crews continue to monitor and patrol the fire for initial attack for any new wildfire starts.

The following Areas and National Forest System (NFS) Trails on the Idaho City Ranger District are closed to all uses. 

• Little Beaver Closure Area – see map for details

• The Bear Creek Closure Area – see map for details

• NFS Trail 158 (Crooked River Trail) is closed in its entirety

The following Areas and NFS Trails on the Lowman Ranger District are closed to all uses. 

• The Deadwood Boat Launch closure Area – described as all lands within 100 feet of the outer perimeter of the Deadwood Boat Launch site.

• The Pine Flats Campground and Hot Springs Closure Area – describe as all lands with 100 feet of the outer perimeter of Pine Flats Campground, Pine Flats access road, and Pine Flats Hot Springs.

• NFS Trail 019 (Deadwood Ridge Trail) is closed in its entirety 

• NRS Trail 020 (Julie Creek Trail) is closed in its entirety.


• NFS Trail 017 (Lost Lake Trail) is closed in its entirety.

• NFS Trail 022 (Nellies Basin Trail) is closed in its entirety.

• NFS Trail 013 (Stevens Point Trail) is closed in its entirety. 

• NFS Trail 145 (Clear Creek Trail) is closed in its entirety. 

• NFS Trail 018 (Long Creek Trail) is closed in its entirety. 

• NFS Trail 143 (Red Mountain Trail) is closed in its entirety. 

• NFS Trail 021 (Whitehawk Basin Trail) is closed beginning at NFS Road 510C., located in Township 11 North, Range 7 East, SW ¼ Section 15 and continuing to the Junction of NFS Trail 019 (Deadwood Ridge Trail) located in Township 11 North, Range 7 East, Section 23.

• NFS Trail 144 (Kirkham Ridge Trail) is closed beginning at the junction of NFS Trail 159 (Miller Mountain Trail) to the junction of NFS Trail 148.

Visitors should be aware that annual seasonal roads and trails closures are in effect. Boise National Forest Motor Vehicle Use maps can be picked up at no charge at any Ranger District Office or they can be downloaded to your smart phone at:  

Further information is also available by calling the:

• Boise National Forest at 208-373-4100.

• Idaho City Ranger District at 208-392-6681

• Lowman Ranger District at 208 259-3361



For more information on Wildfire Smoke and your Health please visit:

 Or visit the Idaho Smoke Blog:






Boise County's ban on outdoor burning is contained in Ordinance 2014-03 and prohibits any open fires on private lands between July 1st and October 20th. This ban does not prohibit campfires in appropriate structures at private residences.The ban continues in effect between these dates regardless of the presence of state and federal restrictions.

Idaho's OPEN BURNING PERMITS (May 10 through October 20)

The Idaho Department of Lands regulates any burning outside city limits statewide (excluding campfires) from May 10 to October 20. Permits from IDL can be obtained at

Current State and Federal FIRE RESTRICTIONS

No federal or state fire restrictions are in place.


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